Sin City - WoD Noir

Session Four, Everyone Except Harvey Believes in Ghosts


Our fourth session began with local socialite-turned-jailbird Harvey Grey having a deep philosophical quandary. Namely, if Federal Agent Byker is convinced you just happen to show up around lots of kidnappings and just HAPPEN to have a half-eaten toddler face in your freezer, are you really guilty?

Or are the Russians trying to set you up…

Meanwhile, Andrew Whitaker, SuperCop, decided to take the investigation one step further. Finding that the Waters Children, apparently, don’t age, Andrew is becoming ever more certain that this is less a kidnapping and more… well, creepy half-eaten buried root-cellar lady phenomenon.


Also, Daniel Waters and Maude Jones bonded over their mutual love of oatmeal cookies and hatred of light bulbs. Maude, dear that she is, decided to pay Daniel’s home a visit and give it that womanly touch it’s been missing. What could possibly go wrong from spotlessly cleaning a crime scene?

At the very least, the house, or whatever is currently living in it, seems to appreciate Maude’s presence. So much so that it made her breakfast. And dinner. She then decided to take in a little local antiquing, see the sights of the historic Swift House, etcetera, etcetera, etcetera.

Harvey and Daniel, meanwhile, talked about man stuff. Poker. Unscrewing light bulbs. How Daniel’s wife might have gone a bit crazy with grief over their inability to have a big happy bunch of children, and how said grief might have called up something far worse than a big happy bunch of children…

You know. Man stuff. Also, spiders and root cellars made a special guest appearance.

Earth Angel – The Penguins, 1954



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