Sin City - WoD Noir

Session Three, Prime Steak and Ghost Radios


“But maybe it ain’t children you’re looking for…”

Creepy kids

Our third session contained somewhat less Russians and somewhat more butchery. To be specific, young missing lass Tilly’s mother managed to track down one Harvey Grey and, after some intense conversation, discover that he was just as in the dark about her daughter’s disappearance as she was.

Meanwhile, Maude Jones and Andrew Whitaker pursued alternate paths to come to the same conclusion. Namely, that Christina Waters had wanted to have babies REALLY REALLY BADLY. Andrew did a slightly more thorough investigation of Number 4, Gore Road and stumbled upon the shallow graves of quite a few children.

Maude played with a radio after listening to some ghost stories and heard young Bobby Jones complaining about the relative lack of light. Then she brought chocolate chip cookies to her son’s supposed kidnapper. Perhaps in an attempt to throw him off the righteous path of Mormonism.

Either way, Harvey’s now sharing a cell with Daniel Waters for the time being. But seriously, Christina REALLY wanted some babies…

In the Chapel in the Moonlight – Kitty Kallen, 1954


If only he’d eat Maude’s chocolate chip cookies for their caffeine.

I mean really! It doesn’t hurt a man!


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