Sin City - WoD Noir

Session Two, Russian Cannibal Ghosts


Mid-January, 1955

Our second session has much to do with Saint Andrew, the patron saint of most of eastern Europe. Seriously, the guy got around (apparently) and even set up the See of Byzantium. While he wasn’t officially its first bishop (that honor belonging to noble Stachys) he is often thought of as the opposite of Peter, the first Pope of Rome.

He also used a pretty neat cross as a teaching aid in his sermons.

Russian cross

In any case, flash forward about nineteen hundred years or so, and Bobby Jones is still missing, much to the chagrin of his mother. Maude’s been no slouch, though, and her very well thought out investigation of the rooftop of Iverson’s tobacco shop led her to… cigarette butts.

Those cigarette butts, though, led her to one Betty Davids, who was able to point her to some information that would later be useful. Specifically the name of Christina Waters. (Living? Dead? WHO KNOWS?!)

Andrew Whitaker, still hot on the trail of young Bobby Jones, recovered from being shot in the leg and also managed to track down more evidence to keep Daniel Waters in custody for a while longer. He sure does look mean in a bowler hat, at the very least.

Turns out Mister Waters was a radio operator in the war, and came back with an intense dislike of electronics. His house at Number 4, Gore Road, where his (adopted) mother is still registered as living, has neither electric lights, radios, or even so much as a flashlight. Truly, the cutting edge of crazy Mormon technology.

Meanwhile our favorite local socialite and church-going philanthropist, Harvey Grey, introduced himself to The Russian Butchers who moved into town a few months back. He was even kind enough to try and grow their client base by introducing them to some otherwise needy folks at a church function, after which he took them out for dinner and… folk stories.

Harvey was later walloped upside the back of his head for the trouble…

Vic Dickenson Septet, Russian Lullaby – 1953



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